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Damascus steel bolster knives

5000 years old before Christ, metalworking has become a profession and a tradition. This technique was then perfected to become an ancestral know-how throughout the world, from the Bronze Age, approximately 1800 years BC, the first knives were made and provided with a handle and a blade in steel.

Then in the 1st century the Romans began to make steel blades and folding knives. During the Middle Ages, damascus steel blades were very popular and had an incomparable notoriety. Mainly used when making daggers or spearheads, damascus steel does not have a certified origin. Indeed, rather uncertain, the origin of damascus steel gives rise to many disagreements among historians. There are several theories as to its origins.

Of course, its name is reminiscent of the Syrian capital which for some seem to be the cradle of this unique technique while other researchers believe that damascus steel was first designed in Iran and that its name would not be of a reference to the famous fabrics of Damascus which in many points have the same aspect as the blades resulting from this steel.

One thing is certain, damascus steel was born in the Persian Gulf region. It was not until the Crusades that Europeans began to discover this legendary steel with unique and ancestral know-how. It was a century later that French researchers were able to shape damascus steel blades again and discover the secrets of this prestigious steel.