Le Joallier du couteau

Art knife CL02 owl set with ivory emerald and mammoth molar mosaic damask bolsters

(This part is no longer available) 


This knife was made in a unique piece with a chiseled head of a green-eyed Tawny owl set with emerald stones. The blade is made of checkered mosaic damascus steel made from hand-forged carbon steel and pure nickel. The four bolsters are also in mosaic damascus steel of the same type as the blade. The handle is decorated with chiselling with an engraver's chisel, owl's head motif and oak leaves. 



The symbol of the owl is both deeply rooted in reality, but also in the symbolic and the sacred. The legends and mythology surrounding the owl are undoubtedly among the richest and most interesting of our civilization. Associated with the mysteries of our world, the owl is linked to certain invisible, very real forces that only a handful of us can perceive. The owl represents wisdom and knowledge, it was very close to the greatest goddesses of antiquity, such as the goddess Athena. It is also linked to the ideas of transformation, change, transmutation, insight, clairvoyance and the ability to detect the truth. She demonstrates exceptional qualities of patience. 


Among the ancient Greeks, wisdom and reason were the playgrounds of the goddess Athena, some legends of classical mythology even tell us how owls served as eyes (certainly the third) to Athena, allowing her to communicate with the dead. The lucky owl was linked to Athena, our ancients actually worshiped a half-woman, half-owl goddess who had the power to travel between our world and that of the spirits. It would seem that the owl serves as an access to hidden knowledge. Minerva, a Roman goddess very comparable to Athena, had an owl as an animal advisor... However, Minerva is one of the goddesses to whom secret societies most often pay homage, getting closer to her allows you to develop a sharper, faster and more more insightful.

  This knife is made in my workshop and signed in my name to guarantee quality know-how.