Le Joallier du couteau

Art knife with hand-chiseled spring and blue mammoth molar handle

(This item is no longer available)

Model CL01 unique piece made of exceptional mosaic damask steel. This knife has a very elegant and refined line, and is decorated with a handle shaped like a blue fossil mammoth molar, its spring is decorated with holly leaves hand chiselled. The plates remain smooth on this model, which makes it possible to highlight the work of embossing, the mitres are made of mosaic damask steel in agreement with the blade which is realized in an exceptional mosaic damask steel, obtained by welding at the forge between 1100 and 1350 ° according to the steels, which corresponds to the welding temperature of the carbon steels, and then stretched at the forge at about 800 °. This knife whose blade is a single piece can not therefore be ordered with the same damask patterns for the blade. To know the damask in stock thank you to contact me It is made in my workshop and signed LACAZE to guarantee a quality know-how.