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Le Joallier du couteau

Laguiole knife with tree of life, mammoth molar handle and chiseled animals

(This item is no longer available) 

This premium Laguiole knife has been made into a unique piece, its handle receives a forged spring with a chiseled tree of life and the animals of the animal park of the customer. Its handle is in molar of natural fossil mammoth tinted blue.

The Tree symbol of life, its History ... 

In Celtic mythology, the tree of life represents the relationship between the earthly world represented by its roots and the world of beyond which are the branches of the tree. The two worlds forming a global whole: the cycle of life. this is why the tree is often represented in a circle.
In Indian mythology, the tree of life is a sacred tree, a fig tree is under this tree that Buddha will take refuge to acquire wisdom there.  

The Tree of Life and the place of man in the universe. 

The tree of life is universal and timeless. it symbolizes the importance of the origins of individuals their terrestrial anchorage and the importance of their intellectual presence beyond the terrestrial aspects. Between physical force and spyrituality, the tree of life is a lucky bearer for the wearer, a protective talisman that reminds everyone where he comes from and where he is going.  

This knife is made in my workshop and signed LACAZE to guarantee a quality know-how.