Le Joallier du couteau

Art knife dog motif lion of occitanie handle in molar of mammoth and mitres silver 925

(This item is no longer available) 

This knife was made to order in a single piece with a chisel head of the dog "Lion of Occitanie" from a photo reworked and provided by the client. The blade is made of stainless steel damask RWL, an unalterable steel that keeps the damask pattern for a very long time, this modern steel resulting from powder metallurgy is particularly sharp and has a very good resistance to corrosion. The plates are engraved with a fine lian made with the file of jeweler and the mitres are in sterling silver 925 ornated by a carving with chisel initials and leaves.


The dog "Lion of Occitanie" 

They are majestic dogs, whose fawn-colored robes and fine turns remind one of the lion. The Lion of Occitania has an immense need for affection. He worships his master and traces his behavior on this one, whether calm, sporty, adventurous or casual. Of a very balanced character, some Lions of Occitania even share the lives of people with disabilities or children with autism with total success.


The Silver 925 

This noble metal is chemically resistant. It is a precious metal, malleable and brilliant, dedicated to the lunar goddess Artemis or Diana, since antiquity it is among the seven sacred metals, well known and even overvalued by medieval alchemy. It is known for the multi-millennium manufacture of jewels, coins, and for its growing industrial applications in the twentieth century.


This knife is made in my workshop and signed LACAZE to guarantee a quality know-how. The case of this knife is black crocodile leather