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Knife Laguiole molar mammoth chiseled spring the history of life on earth

Laguiole knife fascinating mammoth molar sleeve with forged spring engraved from the head of the mammoth with the history of life on earth and its development. From the Big Bang through the primary, secondary, Tertiary, and quaternary to and life of the Mammoths. It is in the upper Pleistocene of the quaternary era that the teeth of ancient Mammoth are discovered from 35 000 to 40 000 thousand years.

The chronological history of the evolution of life on Earth ... The planet Earth was formed about 4.54 billion years ago, according to the most recent study, an embryonic form of life could have appeared less than a thousand years later after the beginning of its formation. The planet is home to millions of living species, including humans. The earth's biosphere has strongly altered the atmosphere and other characteristics of the planet, allowing the proliferation of aerobic organisms as well as the formation of the ozone layer, which together with the terrestrial magnetic field, blocks some of the radiation solar power, thus allowing life on Earth. The physical properties of the Earth, as well as its geological history and orbit, have allowed life to subsist during this period and the Earth should be able to sustain life as we now know it for at least 500 million years .