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Le Joallier du couteau


High-end Laguiole knife with a jewelry finish, its handle receives a spring with 3 mammoth molar inserts and a tree of life mounted on a forged disc and chiseled in relief. Robust with these triple plates whose center is guilloche and chiseled with fine leaves on top and lianas on the bottom. Its handle is fashioned in ebony with a partition in sterling silver 925 and molar insert of fossil mammoth. The blade is forged in rwl stainless damascus steel and mounted on a teflon washer for a flexible opening without friction. (This work is not available)

The Woolly Mammoth ...
A rare and fascinating testimony to the dawn of humanity, where we find the origins of the first woolly mammoth 55 million years ago, fossilized traces of mammoths were found in Asia long before Europeans n '' became aware of it in the 17th century. The mammoths measured between 3 and 5 meters at the withers and weighed on average from 4 to 6 tonnes depending on the species and the Mammoths were well adapted to the cold environment of the last ice age. In winter the mammoth mainly consumed mosses and lichens.

 Mammoths began to disappear 12,000 years ago in Europe and the last species of mammoth is attested in northern Siberia around 1700 BC. AD
 Their defenses were strongly curved and almost curled, they could reach a length of 4 to 5 meters. Molars and fossil mammoth ivory are harvested in Alaska and Siberia, it is a rare and fascinating material.

The Tree symbol of life, its History ... 

In Celtic mythology, the tree of life represents the relationship between the terrestrial world represented by its roots and the world of the beyond which are the branches of the tree. The two worlds forming a global whole: the cycle of life. This is why the tree is often represented in a circle.
In Indian mythology, the tree of life is a sacred tree, a fig tree it is under this tree that Buddha will take refuge to acquire wisdom there.

The Tree of Life and the place of man in the universe. 

The tree of life is universal and timeless. It symbolizes the importance of the origins of individuals their terrestrial roots and the importance of their intellectual presence beyond the terrestrial aspects. Between physical strength and spirituality, the tree of life is good luck for the wearer, a protective talisman that reminds everyone of where it comes from and where it is going.

 This knife is made in my workshop and signed in my name to guarantee quality know-how.