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Le Joallier du couteau

Laguiole knife in jasper and gold, silver 925 and ivory of mammoth spring with ruby and bee hand chiselled

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Premium Laguiole knife, its handle receives a forged spring set with 3 Rubies and a bee chiseled. Robust with these triple platters whose central is guilloche of thin leaves on the top. Its handle is shaped in jasper and gold with a partitioning in solid silver 925 and insert in heart of ivory of mammoth fossil. 


The Bee and its History ... 

The word bee comes from the ancient Provencal abelha, dulatin apicula, diminutive apis, the bee is the symbol of immortality and resurrection in the ancient world. Golden bees had been discovered in 1653 at Tournai in the tomb of Childeric I. They are considered the oldest emblem of the sovereigns of France and Napoleon Bonaparte contributed much to the persistence of this belief by taking the insect bumper as one of the emblems of the Empire.


In the Greco-Roman world, the bee is assimilated to the mother goddess of whom Demeter "The Mother of the Earth" virgin goddess of wheat and Artemis are representations. The bee is one of the attributes of Artemis and the insect appears throughout the centuries on the Ephesian coins. Apollo, the brother of Artemis, sent the second temple of Delphi to the Hyperboreans.


This one had been fashioned by bees. In the Iliad, Homer describes the Amazons as bellicose bees and Artemis was the queen. The bee also symbolizes eloquence because its honey is sweet and pleasant. They represent the symbol of chastity and virginity, and for this reason their wax is used to make candles that burn in churches on the occasion of divine services.


If they are attributed such a high purity, it is probably because they are supposed to feed only the fragrance of flowers and not know sexuality. Workers, laborers, innumerable and organized, they work both temporally and spiritually and by theft, they connect earth to heaven and symbolize souls in their migration. 


The bee and the snake are symbolically analogous and complementary. The serpent symbolizes the spirit and the bee the soul, two symbols of the pole. the axis that connects the Earth to Heaven.


The bee has six legs and its abdomen is divided into six segments. The number 6 is attributed to him also because the wax alveoli that he manufactures are hexagonal. The hexagon is the geometric figure in which a six-pointed star, a symbol of the macrocosm, the divine and the spiritual, can be inscribed.