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Le Joallier du couteau

Laguiole knife coral and silver handle 925 with ivory insert of mammoth bee cisele with Amethystes

This high-quality Laguiole knife has been made into a unique piece, its handle receives a forged spring with 4 amethysts, one of which adorns its bee chiseled to harmonize perfectly with the purple coral handle. Robust and elegant both with these triple platinums whose center is decorated with thin leaves on top and lianas for the underside. Its handle is made of purple colored natural coral with a 925 sterling silver partition and a fossil mammoth ivory insert.

The Bee and its History ...

The word bee comes from the ancient Provencal abelha, dulatin apicula, diminutive apis, the bee is the symbol of immortality and resurrection in the ancient world. Golden bees had been discovered in 1653 at Tournai in the tomb of Childeric I. They are considered the oldest emblem of the sovereigns of France and Napoleon Bonaparte contributed much to the persistence of this belief by taking the insect bumper as one of the emblems of the Empire.