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Le Joallier du couteau

Laguiole knife ebony and molar mammoth spring set Amethyst and owl chiseled

(This item is no longer available)

Premium Laguiole knife is a unique piece, this order has been reflected and designed in collaboration with the customer for the choice of materials and the owl. It is a species of the race "Hulotte", in the Ancient world and since the dawn of time the Owl is one of the symbols of the Man. The Owl is the symbol of wisdom, it is related to the Greek goddess Athena, Goddess of the Arts, wisdom, defensive warfare and intelligent activity. It lends its winged symbol to the city of Athens, which strikes its currency bearing the effigy of the animal that is currently found on the Greek coin of a euro. In many institutions such as schools and universities the owl is part of heraldic weapons. The Owl is also a spiritual guide, if it is one of your animal totems, you have a strong intuition and you have access to information and has a wisdom that is usually out of reach for most. encourages the spirit of discernment and decision-making on clear grounds.