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Le Joallier du couteau

Sagittarius astral knife, forged leaf spring, fossil mammoth ivory handle

Model CL01 unique piece on the astral theme of Sagittarius. 

The Sagittarius meaning "the Archer" is a constellation of the zodiac crossed by the Sun from December 18 to January 18. The constellation is between Ophiuchus in the west and Capricorn in the east. Sagittarius was one of the 48 constellations identified by Ptolemy ... Sagittarius also refers to a zodiac sign corresponding to the 30 ° sector of the ecliptic crossed by the Sun from 23 November to 21 December. It is in this sense that it is used to locate the planetary displacements, still used in astrology. It is also called the Arcifera, that is to say, the "bow-bearer". The steel RWL34 has an exceptionally fine grain, it comes from the powder metallurgy. Its hardness is obtained by a heat treatment which allows a sharp cutting and especially very durable sharpening.


This elegant and refined knife is dressed with a handle shaped in the heart of ivory of mammoth of first choice, its forged spring decorated by the cross of the sagittarius and chiselled with leaves of holly. Its plates are decorated with a fine guillochage with the file of jeweler, the mitres are in nickel silver carved of a horse motif of sagittarius. The back of the knife is carved with arabesque in the fifteenth century. This knife is a unique piece made for a customer and therefore can not be ordered with the same motifs of sagittarius. 

It is made in my workshop and signed C. Lacaze to guarantee a quality know-how.

  The case is real black elephant leather made to order and according to the availability of leather.