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Damascus blade knives forged laminated or mosaic, exceptional patterns of mosaic damask, high quality blades with exceptional sharpness. Everything began with contact with the Arabs during the first crusades, which led them to the vicinity of the city of Damascus. At that time the damascus steel was also called Wootz steel which was made by fusion in the crucible. The laminated damask is obtained by a very precise work in the forge. This by welding different layers of soft iron and higher carbon steel or nickel to unveil different shades of steel. This technique used for a long time to make a Damascus steel is actually a metal alloy welding multiple layers of different steel heated to a temperature of about 1100 degrees to the eye and sparkling white for welding, then lengthened several times at the forge along its length and folded 800 degrees successively with a weld at each passage to reach the desired number of layers.